L  O  C  U  S    F  L  E  V  U  M



Behind the architecture of Locus Flevum lies a source of inspiration that is a wonderfull mix. The monk Hans van der Laan (1904-1991) has reflected in a fundamental way about the meaning of architecture and the architectural space. The monastery in Vaals he designed, with the silent architectuur has a very strong eloquence. Originated from the ratio, but impossible to experience without being emotionally touched. The other source of inspiration is Cuadra San Cristobál in Mexico, designed by the architect Luis Barragan (1902-1988). This emotional architecture with bright colours seems to be the opposite of the architecture in Vaals. Either both buildings have beautiful patios, transitions between the indoor space and the outdoor space. At Locus Flevum everything is different, but both sources of inspiration were the trigger to think about the relation of indoor and outdoor and about the relation between the buildings and the garden wall. With these elements we made a big patio in which the visitors coming from the street are plunged in a own atmosphere. Away from the outside world, in a new world where you can see a glimp of the garden.


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