L  O  C  U  S    F  L  E  V  U  M




Since 1998 Locus Flevum is owned by architect Lucien Hamerpagt (1963) and garden- & landscapedesigner Jikke Hamerpagt (1966). We both are raised in Boskoop, the delivery room of many trees in Europe. Since 2001 we live with three generations in our house in Lelystad. The oldest inhabitants are Tiemen and Reina, the parents of Jikke. Who work a lot in the visitors garden. The youngest inhabitants are our children Sanne and Boaz.  All round the house lies our visiting card, the garden Locus Flevum. Our garden and house are often  published in different countries in the world. We have a passion for plants and architecture, a combination that brings beautiful projects. In 2010 our garden and house was nominated for the international award for landscape architects, ‘Best Private Plot’. We are very proud,  our project was showed in a museum in Vienna  along with super projects from all over the world. Also in 2010 we won the first Dutch Garden Festival in Appelter with our contribution “The Nest”. It is still possible to visit this garden in the park of Appeltern. In 2012 and in 2013 gardens designed by us were nominated for the award “Garden of the Year”.


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